Istanbul, Turkey

Sabhankra was formed in 2001 as Savas Sungur’s personal project under the name “Constantinopolis”. The project soon became widely known for its epic musical work, and its combination of folk, power and death metal styles. The project released its first demo “The Sudden Death” in 2002, followed by a 70-minutes self titled album “For The Empire” in 2003 and acquired underground vogue. The project became a band and appeared on stage starting in 2004. Following its second stage performance, the band took the name of “Sabhankra” and performed on various venues throughout Turkey. Sabhankra released “Powercraft” in 2006, blending folk melodies of different cultures, and won local and international recognition. In 2006, the band released a concert DVD of its album premier; the concert consisted of the bands Sabhankra, Necrophagist, Orphaned Land and Samael. Between 2006-2008, the band was occupied with performances and album recordings. By the end of 2008, Sabhankra released a promo album "To Die For A Lie", which also indicated to the upcoming album "Revenge". “Revenge” has been recorded, mixed and mastered but when its release postponed Sabhankra continued releasing new stuff such as "Our Kingdom Shall Rise" by the end of 2009 and "Swords Of The Night" in 2011.

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