About Undertoned

There are awesome artists out there right now that are going undiscovered and unheard. That is not cool with us.

The music world is a tough place to hangout a lot of the time. The best artists you’ve never heard are out there giving it their all, fighting the BS to make a living out of what they love. All while the fans continue the search through a murky world for authentic new music and musicians.

We're Undertoned, a team of musicians and fans. And we’ve decided that things need to change. That's why we created a platform that helps fans discover amazing musicians and directly contribute to the success of their favourites.

Fans gain access to amazing new sounds and exclusive magazine content and promotions through our digital magazine. And best of all, get to make a real difference to a musician, rather than filling the pockets of a record label.

To learn more about how the platform works and the full benefits for artists and fans, watch our video here.

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