Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?
Click on the sign up for artist button on the home page. Complete the required information fields and submit.

How do I update my profile information?
Click on the account icon on the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to edit mode of your profile automatically. Click on submit to save your changes.

Where can I check my earning stats?
Sign in to your account and view your profile. Underneath your bio – you will see stats showing your earnings to-date, earnings last month and the number of subscribers you have.

How do I create an account?
Click on the sign up for fans button on the home page. Complete the required information fields and submit.

Why am I asked to pay a subscription fee at the time of sign-up?
The platform is aimed at being involved and contributing to the success of your favourite unsigned artists. To be a part of our community and gain access to our monthly magazine and exclusive content a subscription is required.

How do I search for music?
To search for new music by genre click on the under the radar tab to reveal all genres on the site.
If you are searching for a specific artist or want to quick search a specific genre, use the search bar located on the home page.

Do I need to have an account in order to subscribe to or promote a band?
Yes, in order to subscribe to or promote a band you will first need to sign up as a fan on the home page.

I'm facing problems with subscribing or promoting an artist. How do I get help?
Use the chat/support tool in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

What is a subscription?
A subscription is a monthly commitment made by a fan to an artist listed on the platform.
The committed amount will be paid by the fan on a monthly basis to support their favourite artist's success.

What do fans get for their subscription?
Apart from knowing that they are contributing directly to their favourite bands' success (and not record labels profits), fans also gain access to our monthly undertoned magazine which profiles amazing new music as well as other great music related content.
Fans will be the first to know when their favourite artists release new music or news.
In addition, our fans will from time to time, be eligible for exclusive offers from our partners.

Can I subscribe to more than 1 artist?
Absolutely! To do so, you can view the particular artist’s profile and hit the subscribe button you see under their biography.

What is a donation?
A donation is a once off contribution made to an artist by a fan. This can be used by a fan if they would like to contribute without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Fans can make as many donations as they wish.
Fans making a once off donation will not automatically gain access to the Undertoned magazine, unless they are already subscribed to that or another artist.

What portion of subscriptions and donations are retained by Undertoned?
All subscription fees are split equally between Undertoned and the artist.
A $3 monthly subscription will be split with $1.50 dollar going to the artist and $1.50 to Undertoned.
The fees retained by Undertoned go towards maintaining the site and magazine as well as supporting artists and delivering value to our fans.
For example - on a single $3 subscription, the musician's portion is $1.50. After the Paypal fees (2.9% + 30c) the musician would receive $1.16.
The larger the transaction amount to the musician, the lower the fee percentage gets. For example - on a $15.00 payment to the musician, after Paypal fees the musician would receive $14.27.
Of donations made, Undertoned retains a flat 10% portion, which goes towards the site's running costs and administration.
What methods of payment are accepted?
Undertoned processes payments through PayPal, due to its exceptional security and reliability.
If you do not have a PayPal account, it is very simple and takes 5 minutes. Click here to do so.
You don't have to have money in your Paypal account – you can very easily link your credit card to your account and use the card rather if you'd prefer.

As an artist, when will I receive my subscription and donation payments?
Artists will receive their subscription fees and donations once a month, on the 10th of the month for the previous month. For example, June’s income will be paid to artists on the 10th of July

How will I receive my payments?
Artist payments will be made directly to their PayPal account.

Do I need a Paypal account to be able to receive payments?
Yes, Undertoned operates through Paypal because it is fast and secure, providing the best service to our members.

Paypal Fees
Paypal charges a processing fee that is payable by the beneficiary (musician or band) when payments enter the beneficiary’s account. This fee is payable by the beneficiary and Undertoned is not liable for this cost.
At this point in time it the Paypal fee is 2.9% +$0,30 on each transaction. This would result in a $0,59 fee on a $10,00 transfer or a $3,20 fee on a $100,00 transfer.
These fees are out of Undertoned’s control and are subject to change without notice.

I am having issues with paying through PayPal. Can you help?
We will do our best to help. A lot of the time, errors are related to your actual PayPal account, so please check on the below before you contact us for support:
  • Make sure your PayPal account is active and there are no restrictions placed on your account. If there are restrictions on your account, contact PayPal immediately to address these issues to avoid any delays in receiving payment.
  • Make sure your email address connected to your PayPal account is up to date and free of spelling errors.

If the above has been checked and do not resolve the issue, please reach out to us on [email protected] or use the support/chat tool in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

As a fan, can I get a refund for past subscriptions or donations?
Past subscriptions or donations are nonrefundable. Refunds will only be considered in the event that a technical error results in an erroneous charge on your account.

As a fan, can I cancel an ongoing subscription?
If you have subscribed to an artist on a monthly basis, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you do, the current months subscription will run its course, and you will not be charged from the 1st of the next month.
If you have subscribed for a 3- or 6-month block, you will be eligible to cancel your subscription at the time of expiration of your current subscription period. Refunds for the current subscription period are not possible.

What is an achievement?
Achievements are milestone goals for artists to aim at. They reach each of these milestones by gaining a certain number of fans.
When they reach these milestones, they are eligible for a reward that is fully funded by Undertoned.
To see all the achievement milestones, click here.

How do achievements work?
When an artist gains the number of fans required to unlock a certain achievement, the achievement will show as unlocked on the artist’s profile.
Achievements work on current fan numbers, not accumulated fans over time. For example, to unlock Under The Radar Love you will need 10 current fans. Not 5 current fans and 5 fans that have previously unsubscribed.
Undertoned will then be in touch via email to deliver the specific reward to the artist.

What happens if I lose fans, will an achievement be locked again?
Once an achievement is unlocked, it stays unlocked forever, even if you lose fans to a point below what was required to unlock it in the first place.
When you regain the number of fans required to unlock it again, you will not be eligible for the reward again.

Who is eligible to receive the digital Undertoned magazine?
All bands that have signed up and all fans that have created a profile and are subscribed to at least 1 artist will be eligible to receive the magazine.

What format will the magazine be delivered in?
It is a digital magazine and will be delivered through a custom Undertoned app that you will need to download from the App store (IOS version or Google Play store (Android version)

How will I access it?
Once you sign up on Undertoned and subscribe to an artist (for fans), you will receive an email with access information.

What is my access password?
It will be the same as the password you used to sign up for the Undertoned website. If you change your password on the website, your magazine password will also change automatically.

Help, I am having trouble accessing the magazine!
If you have followed the access instructions sent to you on email but are still having trouble accessing the magazine, please contact us on [email protected] or use the support/chat tool in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Problems signing up?
If you have followed all sign-up instructions and are still facing technical difficulties, please contact us at [email protected] or use the support/chat tool in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

How do I unsubscribe from Undertoned emails?
On one of emails you no longer want to receive - for example a newsletter or alert - scroll down to the bottom of the email. In the footer, you’ll see the following message: ‘If you don't want to receive these emails from Undertoned in the future, you can unsubscribe here.
Click the unsubscribe here link and you’ll no longer receive that particular type of email.

As a band, am I eligible to pay tax on my Undertoned earnings?
Tax laws vary around the world and are the responsibility of the artist. Undertoned is not qualified to advise on global tax laws and therefore recommends that you seek clarity and advice from your local tax authority if needed.
Don't see the information that you are looking for? Reach out to us on [email protected] or use the support/chat tool in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and we will help with your specific query.

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